Consulting / Projecting

Our experience in the international use of customed equipment has shown the following: only a deep analysis of the possible working method as well as a detailed knowledge of the proposed components, can lead to a successful project. It is therefore our concern to consult you in the best way up to the assembly on site, including the elaboration of the relative logistics.

Planning and execution:
Like a general contractor our companies are prepared to produce turn key projects. If required we are also prepared to provide only partial service in order to allow a local manufacture to complete the project.

Standard forming components:
We have at our disposal a large selection of standard mechanical parts, especially for the manufacture of steel forms. Similar to a small stock brocker - we keep files of used forming components of our equipments as well as of forms belonging to other manufacturers. Perhaps you can profit of this service starting form your next project.

We are also able to offer you, with the assistance of our experts, the adequate logistical planning for the work progress on site from a technical as well as from a personal point of view. If necessary we can also offer you site assistance and supervision.