Reference list

2014 USA Manhattan, Westbound bypass backup system: shield and rectangular form
2013 Switzerland Fuchs prefabrication mould elements for concrete electric cupboards
2012 USA New York, 86th street stations surface mucking support system: carousel, dumping crane, lifting crane, manhoist
2012 USA New York, 72nd street complete system: invert, invert crane, wall, mezzanine, arch, gantry, crane
2012 USA New York, 72nd street turnout cavern arch forms
2010 USA New York, East side access complete system: support system, arch, working deck, gantry, crane
2010 Russia Sochi arch form
2009 USA New York, 7th line extension complete system: arch form, gantry, crane, mezzanine
2009 Italy Quadrilatero arch form
2008 USA New York, 2nd avenue conveyor
2008 Hungary Bátaszék, M6 arch forms
2008 Switzerland Mitholz arch form (without carrier)
2007 Italy Galeria Buttoli arch form (without carrier)
2007 Netherland Utrecht square section system
2007 Italy Halle factory building
2006 Austria Wienerwald bridge
2006 Australia Eastlink tunnel arch, invert form, crane
2006 Turkey Deriner tunnel eletrans, fullround arch and invert form
2005 Switzerland Uetliberg tunnel invert, arch, cross passage forms, carrier, gantry
2005 Switzerland LF Moos vertical fullround shaft
2004 China moulds for subway tunnel
2004 China East-Ching Viaduct viaduct
2003 Switzerland Lötschberg basistunnel arch, cross passage,invert forms, crane
2003 Germany Stuttgart arch form
2002 Singapore moulds
2002 Peru Skanska tunnel fullround arch and invert form