Story of MCT

During the last 40 years, Roland Murer, the starter and owner of the MCT companies, had many experience in underground works, bridges, form technology and machine fabrication. In 1974 he founded his first company, Murer Consult Technology in Switzerland. The company provided technical consultation, engineering design and field assistance for tunnel works.
MCT offered key-ready products and training at site for the future users. In the past decades the companies are changed, but Roland Murer as head of engineering stayed, and in 2001 founded the Hungarian company which have worked in the last 13 years as his design engineer department. The Swiss office was (and it is currently as well) for the project-management, fabrication and field assistance keeping everyday contact with the engineering. In 2009, when the MCT Consult USA has been founded, it had the same tasks as the Swiss office, but in America, and the Swiss office has been concentrating only for the European business.
Roland Murer with MCT Consult USA and Murer Consult Hungary offers consultation and design services to all kind of tunnel- and bridgeworks, including form technology, cranes, gantries, material transport, shield projects. Murer’s slogan “I always start from sketch.” guarantees that the solutions we offer are not just replicas of some former works, but in every single project there are new ideas which - first of all - fit perfectly to the current project’s conditions and environment; and can make improvement in many aspects in old, but still used technics.
MCT in total since 1974 has realized more than 1400 machines for various projects worldwide for Fiji islands to Australia, China and to Etiopia – starting with shield design over the prefabrication to in-situ lining for tunnel shafts and bridges, including special equipment for cable cars, TBMs and shafts, including all kind of mucking equipment.